Hugo Boss' Latest Fragrance, Hugo Iced Is Not Only for the Young

Donít wait and procrastinate, #YourTimeIsNow

BY sarah chong | May 15, 2017 | Grooming

When Hugo Boss tapped Zac Efron to become the face of their new fragrance, Hugo Iced, it wasn’t so much so they could appeal to the millennials, or to the screaming fan girls, but, they’re sending a message of trailblazers who dare to embrace life’s adventures in a fast-paced expanding world, while keeping steady by making every moment count (and at the same time, smelling good.)

Each fragrance works in three steps: The top, the heart and the base notes. To embrace an adventure, Hugo Boss believes it works in three steps as well. It all starts with the mind. The top note of Hugo Iced that is big on ice mint wants you to stay sharp and focus on the tasks and adventures planned to overcome throughout the day. Then, with the heart notes of wild tea, prepare yourself for that adventure physically with confidence (and remember not to conform to naysayers). With cedarwood and vetiver as the base notes, finally, it’s time to take that leap of faith. Take action and go for it.

Overall, the fragrance is light and refreshing, perfect for our weather here. And all of that confidence, fully captured in a metallic HUGO iconic flask-shaped flacon, to showcase the strong masculine man that you are.

Hugo Iced Eau de Toilette is available in sizes 75ml, 125ml and 200ml. Find out more here.