Aesop Introduces an Updated Range to Combat Combination Skin

Aesop reformulated its new skincare range, this time to tackle combination skin.

BY WAYNE CHEONG | Apr 23, 2018 | Grooming

When it comes to your face, most brands would have products that deal with a specific issue. Got oily skin? Use this gentle cleanser. Dry skin? Here's a moisturising lotion. Do you need to go undercover to infiltrate a gang? Plot point: undergo an extensive operation where you switch faces with Nicholas Cage.

And what of combination skin? Ah.

Combination skin treatment isn't new under the sun but Australian skincare brand, Aesop, did update its facial range to tackle that problem. Called In Two Minds— bringing combination skin to a state of equilibrium—the range features the basics: cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

When Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote, "water, water, everywhere" it was in reference to the Ancient Mariner who is shipwrecked and surrounded by seawater (this ominous addition, "nor any drop to drink", usually follows the famous line). Used in this context, however, water is essential to the skin care regiment. Your skin is a living thing and living things thrive on Adam's Ale and the In Two Minds Facial Hydrator delivers that hydrating nourishment leaving your combination replenished but never encumbered.

You got your gel-based In Two Minds Cleanser as the first step in your skincare regiment; it's gentle so it won't strip the skin while it focuses on being a taskmaster on cleansing and removing excess sebum. Follow that with the Facial Toner that soothes and balances the skin, priming your face for that final step: moisturisation.

Aesop's In Two Minds range is available at all Aesop signature stores, selected departmental stores and online. Each product is sold separately—cleanser (100ml, RM105; 200ml, RM159), toner (100ml, RM113; 200ml, RM180), hydrator (60ml, RM191).