Hugo BOSSís New Scent Will Be A Gift Heíll Remember

Weíve solved your dilemma, now you know what you should get him this Valentineís Day

BY Words by JUERN NG, Interview by IAN LOH | Feb 11, 2019 | Grooming

Courtesy of BOSS

Flowers and chocolates are the usual gifts for a woman but it can be difficult looking for one for a man. Set the romantic mood with BOSS The Scent for Him that we believe will surely be appreciated. It’ll be a fine gift to your already-charming-man. After all, who wouldn’t want to smell like a sex god 24/7? We've spoken to perfumer, Bruno Jovanovic about the deeds behind the making of this perfume.

ESQUIRE: Tell me more about BOSS The Scent for Him Private Accord.
BRUNO JOVANOVIC: It is all about exploring the seductive and sexier side of Hugo BOSS. Back then, when creating BOSS The Scent Intense for Him I used an ingredient that we found during an expedition in South Africa – an aphrodisiac called Maninka fruit, and that's how I built the scent. So, today we are discovering a new chapter in the story of the scent. It's even more seductive, even more sensual. And that's why we used the hashtag #augmentedsensuality. We're augmenting the sensuality of the BOSS scent even further which is how we came up with the idea of using mocha – Irish mocha.

ESQ: Were you partially inspired by the clothings from BOSS?
BJ: Yeah, the image I had in mind when I was creating this fragrance was elegance, a man wearing very well-tailored Boss suits. It has that balance of sexiness and danger, constantly surrounded by gorgeous women. Everything is a perfect picture of a James Bond movie.

ESQ: How was your creative process like when you started the project?
BJ: My way of working is 'Less is more'. I want to create a fragrance that has a very simple message. To me, this is the key to memorability and signature. If there are too many things going on, you don't know what to catch on. I mean, you might have already discovered a fragrance you like but can it really become a signature scent? If you cannot remember it, people won't remember it. That's why I create my fragrance in a very simple formula, with not too many products. The more products you have, the more difficult it is to balance them out. At the same time, the lesser products you have, the more challenging it is to make something new and interesting.

ESQ: Does it get more difficult to create a new fragrance because you’ve created so many before?
BJ: No. It's actually easier because in the beginning, you have to learn to master the balancing of the ingredients. Now with time and experience, it comes naturally.

ESQ: What are you usually inspired by when creating a new fragrance?
BJ: Nature is a constant inspiration. I love nature. Everything in life is an inspiration and nature is life. The nature is so beautiful, why wouldn't you be inspired by it?

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