Why Hugo BOSSís New Scent Makes the Perfect Gift for Her

The only chocolate she wants is in the form of a bottle of fragrance.

BY words by JUERN NG, interview by IAN LOH | Feb 11, 2019 | Grooming

Courtesy of BOSS

This Valentine’s Day, she doesn’t want to smell sweet like the roses. You might say fragrances are cliché gifts for Valentine's Day but we beg to differ when you find the right scent. One she actually likes. The ingredients in BOSS The Scent for Her creates an alluring scent that’s bound to be inevitably seductive. We’re hoping, just like this scent, your romance will last throughout the night. We've spoken to perfumer, Louise Turner, to get into the details of it.

ESQUIRE: Tell me more about the new BOSS The Scent for Her Private Accord.
LOUISE TURNER: It's the next chapter in the story of BOSS The Scent. It's a story of seduction and it's pushing to a new level. We were basically looking to do an aphrodisiac twist on the original fragrance. From the beginning, we came up with various ideas before actually coming to the conclusion that the undeniable addictive and aphrodisiac raw material that pleased most as an idea was dark cocoa chocolate.

ESQ: What is it that’s so interesting about the dark chocolate?
LT: I think what is interesting about the dark cocoa is that it's gourmand without necessarily being too sweet. It was important to have the dark chocolate aspect, something which is rich and mysterious. It was also an ingredient that could breach the gap, allowing The Scent for Him and for Her to use both of these ingredients which wouldn't have been possible.

ESQ: Is it the first time you've used dark cocoa in any fragrances that you've created?
LT: I think it's the first time I've used such a high dosage of chocolate. There's a contrast between the juicy sparkling mandarin and the odorata (tonka bean) note with that kind of elegant contrast of the dark cocoa note. It was very important to be able to smell the dark chocolate note from the very top of the fragrance.

ESQ: How did you come up with this fresh new scent?
LT: Recently, it sat near a way of innovation and a different take on things. We've actually got a flavourist working with us in Paris and to actually work with him creating things the way he would as a flavourist and then adapting them for fragrances, we've gotten lots of different notes. Everybody wants newness all the time, and sometimes it doesn't have to be completely new or original what you're doing. It's just the way you do it, approaching it differently, having different techniques of extraction. There are a lot of different ways of actually revisiting.

ESQ: What are the challenges of being a perfumer?
LT: Obviously, we're quite a big team of people working and developing internally. As long as you've got so many people giving you opinions, it actually makes it really really hard to decide because you realise that not everybody sees things the same way and obviously you’ll try to please everyone. You can't. You don't always get it right. Especially in scents, it's certainly subjective. There's no right or wrong offer. It is a matter of preference. Even between perfumers, I see that people don't smell the same way.

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