Esquire Experience: & Mandara Spa

For you busy fellas hustlin' for success, here's a spa service to counter the damaging effects of city life.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Apr 9, 2016 | Grooming

Daniel Chan

A stranger to the world of the #taitailife, things like facials, spas and massages are a foreign concept to me. I've had massages and facials before, but it's just not a thing I'd usually think of arranging without someone else prompting me, because it's a hassle to call a place and find they are booked for the day you want. And of course, being outside the #taitailife circle, I wouldn't really know which spa to hit. No guy wants to deal with all that ish.

So when Bfab rolled around and introduced their quick and easy website which allows you to look up and book slots for any type of session be it facials, massages and whatnot without even having to leave the office, a trial run was in order. Sure enough, it was indeed very easy. A quick browse to their website, select the category of activity you'd like, select the outlet closest to you or wherever you want and book your session. Simple enough. I opted for a quick and relaxing facial, the recommendation was for a session of Elemis Skin IQ+ Facial for Men from Mandara Spa in Renaissance KL. After the booking was made, Bfab peeps called over to reconfirm and sent a confirmation email. Upon arriving at Mandara, I found it relatively quick and easy as well as my name was already in their booking list, so all it took for me was a few minutes of waiting while sippin' an awesome ginger tea and my session began. 

The spa is a modern take on a Balinese spa, which caters to many expat and business clientele. The Elemis facial that I opted for is designed to boost stressed at tired skin that's often damaged by daily stressors and the damaging city pollution. The products and techniques used are also designed to combat the ageing effects of frequent shaving and pollution. Incorporating almost a dozen products in an array of facial massage: cleansing, toning, scrubbing, hydrating, mask, eye creams and massages, this 75-minute session is perfect for your man-hide. Not to mention, it's a perfect getaway from a busy day.

Starting off with a relaxing foot massage, it eases you into the entire session and follows up with a face, eye and scalp massage. At this point, you can barely fight off the urge not to fall asleep as all your troubles and problems are being rubbed and pressed away by the skillfull hands of a stranger touching your feet and face. 

Following that was when the actual facial happens and it begins with a cleanser that leaves your face feeling tingly and fresh as all the grease and grime was taken away. After that, both warm and cooling creams were applied and a deep cleansing mask followed. The result was a smoothness and suppleness I hadn't experienced with my skin in awhile. According to professionals in receiving facials (my mother and girlfriend), that's when all the dead and weathered skin, as well as clogged pores were removed. Finishing off the entire session was a strong neck rub which properly woke me up and got me ready for the rest of my day. 

While the creams, cleansers and masks was the pillar of the facial experience that left my skin feeling renewed and fresh, the overall experience was made better by the massages and rubs. Without the easy access and quick booking enabled by Bfab, I might not have found this place, let alone even considered a facial at all.

For more information on Mandara Spa's services, visit their website. Book your appointment on, where you can enter promo code ESQUIRExBFAB and get RM25 off any service for your first booking. First time customers only.