We Need To Talk About Donald Glover's Bleached Beard

We're all for risk taking. It doesn't always pay off.

BY MURRAY CLARK | Feb 13, 2019 | Grooming


The cultural zeitgeist has essentially canonised Donald Glover. And why not? He is responsible for some very good TV, very good music and, most importantly, very good clothes. But even the most divine of celebrity saints can divide the land, as the 35-year-old did with one very left-field bleached beard.

This wasn't a peroxide, Zayn Malik, white blonde affair, either. This was that dulled orange kind, when your significant other wants to transition from brunette mystery to Gwen Stefani, but ends up somewhere in the middle with Coco the Clown (before tearfully locking themselves in the bathroom for four hours).

Getty Images

But there were no tears of Glover. Oh no. As with all the Atlanta creator does, there was a high level of confidence. He's not averse to taking risks, and once again, pushes what's deemed 'acceptable' to men-at-large: an orange beard isn't all that different to a pair of purple flares, for instance.

It just depends whether we follow suit. Since there's only so much you can realistically do with the hair on your face, others may prefer to keep experiments limited to the stuff up-top. Orange beard or not however, Glover's sainthood is still very much intact: Frank Ocean doesn't let any old chump into his recording studio, after all.

From: Esquire UK