Get Ready To Go Gaga Over This Sole Compendium

Choices galore—Prada’s Made-To-Order Lace-Up Project kicks off this month.

BY JANIE CAI | May 2, 2017 | Shoes

Image by Prada.

Any style that can stand the judgmental glare of editors and flippant fickleness of customers, is in it for the long haul. Case in point—Prada’s visually punchy micro sole leather lace-ups—pairing a brogue-style upper with an exaggerated sneaker-style base, one that also looked like it swallowed an espadrille in the process. They first hit the stores way back in SS11, the same year Kate and William tied the royal knot (remember that?) and their layered foam soles with bands of punchy colours (reminding us a little of kuih lapis, admit it) and raffia cord addition, which gave the whole brogue a raffish hint of the tropics, became a strangely attractive hybrid of summer sole fun and a boardroom-sober upper.

Prada's three-tone combination models for the Made-To-Order Lace-up Project.

There was something uncanny in the way Miuccia Prada was able to presciently herald a new breed of work/play shoes but those who knew a good thing when they saw it jumped to it.  Since then, they’ve been back in various iterations, an icon in the already iconic Prada style canon, cemented by the introduction of the Made-to-Order Micro sole service for women in 2014, which offered Prada clients the fun of deliberating between 32 variations.

Prada's single-tone leather variations for the Made-To-Order Lace-Up Project.

This May, the men get to pick, and the wait was worth it—the Prada Made-To-Order Lace-up Project for men debuts at their Pavilion boutique with a whopping 290 variations. Choose from 17 single-tone leather uppers, 12 different combination three-tone models and 10 different soles, made from a choice of micro, micro-and-rope or a diamond texture rubber. Each with different sole colours available too. And for true soul-mate-worthy distinction, customers will also get to emboss their own initials in amber gold next to the Prada name on the insole.

The luxe Crocodile Leather options for the Prada Made-To-Order Lace-Up Project.

The Prada Made-To-Order Lace-up Project will be available at the Prada store in Pavilion KL, from May 4 to 14, 2017. Prices start from RM5,220.

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