These 'E-Sneakers' Might Be The Worst Shoes We've Ever Seen

If this is the future, count us out

BY Editors | Nov 25, 2016 | Shoes

Remember those trainers with little wheels in the heel that people were skidding around on a few years back? Yeah this is worse.

A Indiegogo start up have devised a sneaker that displays an LED screen near the heel that wearers can use to display drawings, photo or whatever else they've designed via a companion app.

So far so vaguely annoying, if not exactly offensive. If people want to project stick men, love hearts or their own initials onto their feet, that's their business—though obviously anyone over the age of 13 doing so should probably be put in jail.

No, it's the fact that in their bluster to 'digtize' the humble trainer, Vixole have forgotten the basics of design. In short: it looks like an NHS-issue orthotropic shoe your Nan has for her bunions. It's hideous—and they want up GBP240 for the things, too.

As with most wearable tech, the problem is that no one stopped to consider what we've been getting right about watches, glasses or indeed shoes for centuries—things like comfort and style.

If we're going to turn ourselves into cyborgs, let's at least try and look good doing it.


From: Esquire UK