How To Care For Your Leather Shoes

Four tips on caring for your leather shoes, by Gemma Gil, founder of ColorWash.

BY Janie Cai | Sep 2, 2016 | Shoes

ITV News

Esquire Singapore caught up with Gemma Gil, Founder and MD of ColorWash, at a recent leather workshop by The General Co. Here's what the very personalble Gil had to say about taking care of your leather shoes.

1 | Invest in a pair of unfinished shoetrees, made preferably from cedar wood

They will help your leather shoes maintain their shape and are adept at sponging up moisture and disagreeable odors.

2 | Newspaper is always handy

In the event you get caught in a sudden downpour and your leather shoes get a soaking, stuff them with crumpled newspaper and let them air dry. When they are almost dry, insert our wooden shoetrees to make sure they dry out evenly and maintain their shape.

3 | Clean and polish your shoes regularly

Don’t wait till they are all scuffed up. Regular maintenance helps keep your shoe leather supple and strong. Gil recommends using a brush to clean off surface dirt first, before adding polish and slowly working it into the leather, then buffing it off with a soft cloth.

4 | Protection is prevention 

Instead of waiting till you’ve spilt something on your new leather shoes, you might want to consider the High Density Transparent Coating, a special leather care service offered by ColorWash to protect the leather of bags and shoes, by providing a thin, transparent silicone coating. It provides water resistance whilst still allowing the leather to breathe.