Dior Homme's B22 Sneakers Join The Biggest Footwear Trend Of The Season

Ugly is the new beauty.

BY ian loh | Apr 2, 2018 | Shoes

Image by Morgan O'Donovan for Dior Homme

The fashion industry is experiencing an “everything goes!” moment. So, it’s no surprise that the “ugly sneakers” trend is blowing up the menswear scene right now. The big, bold and thick-soled sneakers are basically a reminiscence of your Dad’s trainers in the 90’s.

Image by Virginia Arcaro for Dior Homme

Here, Dior Homme’s version combines a retro-futuristic architecture with modern elements. Comes in three versions in black, white, red and fluorescent colour schemes, and its wide rubber sole is combined with calf leather, suede and technical fabrics. Will this trend last? We’re not sure. But best to cop a pair and keep it for a long time. After all, it might be trendy again when your kids grow up.