Stylish Men Of Instagram: Isaac Hindin-Miller

Sarah Chong quizzes fashion writer and stylish man Isaac Hindin-Miller on his style philosophy.

BY Sarah Chong | May 5, 2016 | Fashion


From giving relationship advice to writing about fashion, New Zealand-born, New York-based Isaac Hindin-Miller (@isaaclikes_) is a man of many talents. Whether styling for uptown or downtown NYC, his looks remain effortless.

ESQUIRE: Can you tell us more about your personal style, and how did you come to define it as it is now?

ISAAC HINDIN-MILLER: My style spans traditional English schoolboy in a blazer and tie, to downtown New York in a leather jacket and black jeans, to 90s skater in stonewash jeans and white socks. It all depends on how I'm feeling and what I've gotta do that day. It's been a learning process, and I'm constantly looking around on the streets when I'm traveling to discover new fits and styles and proportions that look fresh and new.

ESQ: What to you is the essence of men's style?

IHM: I like the style of guys who understand fit and proportion and who look great without trying to look great. Men need to look effortless in their style. It should never look overworked or fussy.

ESQ: What was the first stylish thing you bought?

IHM: A made to measure suit for my best friend's wedding when I was 21.

ESQ: How do you look after yourself? Any favourite grooming products?

IHM: I get my beard trimmed by a barber in the East Village of New York about once every 10 days, and I get my haircut about once a month, just to keep the shape. My favorite hair product is fatboy, I love the Triumph and Disaster range of grooming products, I'm a huge fan of Kiehl's, and recently I've been using a lot of products from Lab Series. And my two favorite fragrances are Vetyver Bergamot by Ingrid Starnes and Molecule 01 by Escentric.

ESQ: Where do you derive your fashion inspiration from, and what's your favorite city for style inspiration?

IHM: I have a ton of Ivy League style books at home that I'm constantly referring to whenever I'm lacking inspiration—they have incredible photos of guys like Steve McQueen and Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood and how they wore their suits and casual looks in the 60s and 70s. New York is my favorite city for style—there's so much to see every day—but I always love traveling to Paris, as well. I love how French guys do that black leather moto jacket and black jeans look. Chest trop cool!

ESQ: What are your Top 5 essential clothing staples?

IHM: Black leather moto jacket, great white T-shirt, black or stonewash jeans, black heavy soled derby shoes, and a hand-knitted sweater by your mum or grandma.



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