Stylish Men of Instagram: Christian Kimber

Melbourne-based shoe designer Christian Kimber shows us how mismatched is done.

BY Sarah Chong | Apr 28, 2016 | Fashion


Influencing many in the world of menswear, shoe designer Christian Kimber (Instagram: @christian_kimber) takes layering up a notch by completing his look of mismatched overcoats and trousers with just the right pair of shoes, naturally.

ESQUIRE: Can you tell us more about your personal style, and how did you come to define it as it is now?
CHRISTIAN KIMBER: It's a hard question. I work very hard so my personal style if often quite scruffy. I have an interest in menswear, fashion, streetwear, workwear, so for me it is a blend of what I experience. I am influenced by a number of genres and I love to wear what I create. It is hard to define. If Indiana Jones retired and lived by the beach, that would be it.

ESQ: What inspired you to start your own shoe label?
CK: Just a passion for footwear and a vision to create something new, and a feeling that I had a valuable contribution to make to menswear. I want to get men into better footwear, where value for money is important.

ESQ: Can you tell us more about your shoe label and what makes it special?
CK: Each pattern I create for the Christian Kimber line is thoughtful and inspired by an experience close to me, be it a building or a landscape. They are hand made in Italy and Spain. The quality is extraordinary and the represent more than just footwear, they represent a feeling at the time which I had, which then fit to a transnational lifestyle.

ESQ: Where do you derive your fashion inspiration from and what are some of your favourite brands?
CK: Mostly from people other than brands, I am inspired by my friends mostly and how they put things together, how they want to dress. My inspiration comes from places and architecture mostly for the patterns of my footwear, giving them meaning beyond the quality. I guess Ralph Lauren would be one of my early inspirations, still now.

ESQ: What are your top 5 essential clothing staples?
CK: One good sneaker. One good dress shoe. A shirt jacket. A wider chino. One incredible suit - because you never know when.


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