So Style For What: Print Or Digital

Esquire's Fashion Stylist wonders if you still get your fashion fix from the print medium.

BY Eugene Lim | May 17, 2016 | Fashion


A little backstory before we begin. I am currently in an Airbnb apartment, in the middle of Shinjuku, Tokyo, writing this online piece on a laptop held together by tape, with the only form of Internet access coming from a Wi-Fi hotspot, powered by an iPhone. It's safe to say that this entire style piece was made possible by the digital age. (I say this because all stories for the print edition of Esquire are written exclusively on typewriters.)

I kid, but it begs a point, in this digital age, where the way people are obtaining information is evolving, would you still hit the newsstands to get your fashion/style fix?

Certainly not for fashion news—the changing of a head designer, a change in the way collections are being sold, fashion show reviews and the launch of a new sneaker; these aren't things you'd wait a month to read about in your favourite glossy.

Others remain a little more ambiguous though.

Like the beautifully-shot fashion spreads, printed on beautiful paper stock, longer reads like an investigative report on the environmental impact of the clothes you wear, or perhaps just to hear the options and thoughts of your favourite fashion directors as they dissect the different trends and highlight different pieces of the season.

There could be an argument made that these would work just as well, if not better, in print form as they do online.

Would it be possible for both for coexist, like what streetstyle portals HYPEBEAST and Highsnobiety have done, launching their own print editions?

Tell us, via email, comments or a hand written letter, what your preferred medium for your fashion fix is?