So Style For What: Do Trends Affect The Way You Dress And Shop?

As we descend upon yet another season of men's fashion week, to bring you the best of what next season has to offer, does it actually affect the way you shop and dress?

BY Eugene Lim | Jun 15, 2016 | Fashion

Saint Laurent

Fashion week is coming. If you didn't know by now, it is a bi-annual fashion pilgrimage undertaken by editors, journalists and buyers to the various fashion capitals around the world for a chance to not only to preview collections made by talented designers, but also to pick their minds about the inspiration and process of how their collections were made.

It is also where trends are identified and set for the next season (will the gender-blending and the infusion of sportswear make the cut for next season?), and where journalists and editors plan and craft themed stories and spreads for upcoming issues.

From trend reports to show reviews, we strive to break down different collections, highlighting pieces and trends to keep you sartorial sense sharp and attuned. But how much does that affect you? Does knowledge of what you may buy six months from now affect the way approach your next retail therapy session? Brands like Burberry, Tom Ford, and Paul Smith seem to think so, and opt for the Runway-to-Retail model, while others prefer to stick to the tried and tested route.

There is no denying the the fashion business is a hype driven one, with celebrity endorsements (A$AP Rocky in Dior Homme Fall/Winter 16 campaign or Justin Bieber in CK Underwear for an example) contributing to the buzz and chitter-chatter on the Internet before any products or pieces are even released. 

So how much do you actually care about fashion shows? Would you consider adding pieces like that lace shirt that you saw on the runway to your sartorial repertoire? Or are you ambivalent to the current affairs and trends of the fashion world, preferring to stick to timeless pieces?

Which camp you belong to? Let us know your thoughts.