Milan Fashion Week S/S17 Highlights: Day 4

Check out what our team has to say about the fourth and, for us, last day of Milan Fashion Week.

BY Eugene Lim | Jun 21, 2016 | Fashion

Gucci; Fendi; Etro / Images by Imaxtree


It's been almost a year and a half since Alessandro Michele took over the helm at Gucci, and it might seem sacrilegious to say this about the man who single-handedly turn the fashion world on its head while, at the same time, making Gucci one of the most profitable brands in the market—but he is finally coming into his own. 

Working on the theme of travel, the clothes are still signature Michele, a curated blend of embroidered floral and fauna detailing, the '70s tailoring, military coats, and slip-on loafers.

Where Michele's biggest growth takes place is the finesse he employed, learning when to hold back on certain elements, and when to let loose, transporting the Gucci man from the vintage fantasy realm into a believable territory.

And if that is where Michele wants to take us, we are happy to go along for the ride.


Karl Lagerfeld may have designed the double "F" logo of Fendi, but the house should seriously consider the addition of another "F" for "Fun", in honour of Silva Fendi's work in their menswear department.

We already know that Silva is a master of both form and function, but this season, she has really cranked it up the notch on the fun factor, with a healthy dose of the sun. From the mood board, which had images of Salvador Dali and Albert Einstein in their best resort wear to having a pool complete with a diving board built into the runway, you might be picturing a collection filled with tiny shorts and waist high trunks, worn with pool slides. 

Silva could have done that, but instead, she took the spirit of a holiday and their relaxed and easy silhouette of the resort, to subvert the regimental stripes of the house, while concealing the complex workmanship of the different fabrics under the silhouettes of the deceptively modest blousons, parka, and coats.

The Fendi faces that appeared last season on their bags and accessories make a return, in an array of bold colors. Our favourite is the one that bears a resemblance to Mr. Potato head. But then again it might be inspired by Albert Einstein. We'll never know, but isn't that part of the fun?


Kean Etro might have had non-professional models walk his shows before, but this time, he took it a step further by featuring canines, as well as giving the models the freedom to pick out the outfits for themselves. 

The collection featured a spectacular collection of expertly tailored suiting jackets, billowing robbed jackets, flowy shirts, and baggy trousers, in hues of navy, mustard, and burgundy, featuring just the right amount of Etro's signature prints.

We could go on with superlatives to describe the collection to you, but we will just say it was one of the better shows of the day, modelled by the everyday man.

It speaks volume of the confidence that Kean had in his clothes and the men he chose.