Ask Ian: Should Men Wear Chokers?

New year, new (dubious) style.

BY ian loh | Jan 5, 2017 | Fashion


Online retailer ASOS is now offering men a new accessory: the choker. Velvety ones to be precise. The latest arrivals come in classic black, indigo, emerald green, and…pink (yes, you’re still reading Esquire). Other variations include studded leather, bandana, braid and silver.

Does this mean that chokers are officially a thing for men now?

While our colleagues at Esquire US seem adamant that this is a fashion faux pas, I can’t say we didn't see the trend coming.

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2017

In fact, this Spring/Summer 2017, Kim Jones from Louis Vuitton put forth a collection – largely inspired by the London punk scene – with lots and lots of leather chokers. And dare I say, they don’t look half bad on the models. Even Harry Styles managed to pull them off in a recent spread from Another Mag.

Then again, unless you’re Harry Styles, the choker is not an easy accessory to pull off. We get it if you’re into the whole ‘new year, new style’ thing, but 2017 has just started, we say: put the choker on hold, and don't choke on it.

Unless you’re attempting a Christian Grey in bedroom, well, that’s another story….