Paradise Island

Travel into Louis Vuitton's tropicana.

BY JOY LING | Mar 6, 2018 | Fashion

You can't dispute the appeal of an island vacation. It tempts the escapist in us, or at least the voyager we claim to be. Think default desktop wallpapers of beaches. Shiny waves? Unreal sunsets? Louis Vuitton has it all packed into a solid Monogram Keepall. Throw in a custom Kombi van and you’ve got yourself a typical road trip narrative. But nothing about the Spring ‘18 collection is typical. 

Here's what first grabbed us. Abridged aloha shirts– zero gaudiness, full holiday effect. Pay careful attention though, because there's a detail you might miss. Adopting the same print, the organza overlay gives the Hawaiian shirt beneath a unique dimension. And it's not the only smart fabric. Garments are technical yet fluid, from lightweight seersucker to neoprene-bonded leather. Of course we're impressed.

Source: Esquire Singapore