What I've Learned: Lewis Hamilton

F1 driver and Hugo Boss ambassador, 32

BY ian loh | May 8, 2017 | Fashion

Hugo Boss

People say I am an aggressive driver, but I can be laid-back too. I like to thinkI am a bit of an all-rounder, and that’s why I have three world titles.

I’d describe my fashion style as urban chic.

I don’t follow trends. Generally, I like to set them. I don’t follow anyone; I like to do what others are not doing.

I look up to people like Nelson Mandela, but not anyone in fashion.

I don’t believe any other (F1) driver has a style that I would be interested in.

Hugo Boss and I have been working together since 2005. I love their suits. They are elegant and stylish, which goes hand in hand with my lifestyle.

I hate shopping. There are too many options.

Bomber jacket, jeans and kicks are more my kind of style. There are only so many suits that you can wear.

Growing up, all the attention went into racing. All the money went into racing.I had a pair of trainers for the whole
year. We didn’t have the money for luxury expenses and cool clothes. At school, my friends would have all those
cool things that I didn’t.

When I look at my old pictures now, I am like, “Shit!” I’ve committed so many fashion faux pas. My style was terrible. I think I really neglected my wardrobe.

I started trying out new styles around 2010, and it just got better and better.

This season’s campaign picture with Hugo Boss is the best one that we’ve done after all these years of working together. It is a look that reflects my style.

The fact that there’s a Vogue column somewhere talking about your style is freaking awesome.

You just turn up with so much more confidence when you feel comfortable. When you finally find your look, you gotta own it.

When it comes to designing, I don’t want to be one of those people who do things for the sake of doing things. If I’m absolutely terrible, I am not going to push it.

I respect different crafts; I understand how much work goes into it. I’ve been doing my job for years; you can’t just come along and do what I do.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be backstage at Stella McCartney and see how much work she puts in. I can’t just go into what she does and vice versa.

Kanye West went to do an internship before starting his own thing. I kind of like it that way. He climbs his way up
and learns.

I love clothes. It would be really cool to be asked to do some kicks at some stage.

I think I generally have a good eye for things that go well together. Who knows, maybe in future I might design
something. But what I really like is working with people who are creative.

I just focus on being me. There was a time in my younger days when things were said that aff ected me. I’ve got to a point where I don’t need to care or respond.

My goal is to be as great as I can be,in everything that I do—whether it’s being a friend, an uncle, a son, a driver or a colleague.

There’s nothing in life that you can’t live without except your family.

If I could get rid of the team uniform, I would. I don’t particularly love team wear. I love to come to the race in diff erent looks. I would treat it no different than fashion week.

Everyone arrives in the same damn thing every weekend. Four days, 21 weekends—pictured in the same shit. It’s really frustrating for me. I want to arrive in different stuff . One day, I would like to arrive in a really cool suit
from Hugo Boss; another day, I would come in a beach kind of look. That way, you get a catalogue of images.

This article was first published in the print edition of Esquire Malaysia, January/February 2017.