Rock Out in Levi's Fall/Winter 2017 New Fits

Like your denim altered and tapered? This is for you.

BY IAN LOH | Nov 6, 2017 | Fashion

Music legends like Johnny Cash to Cat Power have long been rocking out in their Levi’s. So this season, Levi’s decided to go underground by highlighting the subcultures of music and make denim for the outsiders, the misfits, the rebels – and those that share the same self-expression.

As the name suggest, the Altered collection sees pieces being deconstructed with details like twisted seams, covered coin pockets and staggered shadow patches. A selection of men’s truckers will also feature authentically sourced vintage Levi’s® fabric, cut and sewn and reworked into the silhouette. The 501® and 511™ jeans are deconstructed and put back together and left with raw hems.

For those who’re looking for a little more rock star edge, the new Taper fits, 502™ Regular Taper and 512™ Slim Taper are perfect fashion statement, without sacrificing the comfort.

Both Altered and Men’s Tapered collections are available at all Levi’s® stores nationwide now.