Lacoste Introduces 'The Paris Polo': A Dress Shirt With The Comfort Of A Polo Tee

Minimum effort, maximum result.

BY sarah chong | Mar 14, 2018 | Fashion


Now here’s an alternative to your daily shirts. Inspired by a dress shirt but with the comfort materials of a polo shirt, Lacoste creates the Paris Polo. The difference between a basic polo tee and the Paris Polo is firstly the concealed button placket and distinctive shirt collar (goes perfectly when you pair it with your lightweight jackets or blazers), and secondly the new stretch piqué fabric for a straighter silhouette.

Choose to tuck it in for a smarter look or let it loose for a more relaxed feel. The not-to-be-missed crocodile logo is now embroidered tone-on-tone. So, pick from 14 different colours. Perfect for all (most) occasions, really.