Wardrobe Essentials Inspired By The Most Stylish Spy Movies

Admit it: the spies in movies are superstars in their own right. Now discover how you can emulate their impeccable style.

BY Noor Amylia Hilda | Sep 21, 2017 | Fashion

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To coincide with the premiere of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, we take a look at some of the most stylish spy movies and how you can upgrade your wardrobe from them.


1 | Kingsman: The Secret Service: The Umbrella 

This beautifully crafted umbrella by luxury British brand Swaine Adeney Brigg, is almost an exact replica of the one used in Kingsman: The Secret Service, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fire out amnesia darts nor is  it bulletproof. However, it will definitely keep you looking as debonair as ever when it’s pouring out. It also bears a cool plaque bearing the Kingsman logo on its handle, although a true spy would never reveal that…

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2 | The Ipcress File: The Glasses


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In a time when spy films tended to portray glitz and glamour, The Ipcress File (based on Len Deighton’s novel) featured a more “realistic” portrayal  of espionage with Harry Palmer (played by Michael Caine), who’s dark acetate frames have become something of a trademark to his look. Avoid looking too nerdy by picking a size that doesn’t overwhelm your face shape, such as this classic Burberry pair which suits most face shapes. 

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3 | Thunderball: The Summer Shirt 

“Theresh nothing better than a crishp light blue shirt for a hot shummer’s day” is something you’d imagine what Connery would say. He also fashioned it marvelously well through James Bond’s wardrobe in Thunderball. Pick a light material and a cut that hangs casually on the body and avoid a “nipped waist” for a more relaxed look.

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4 | The Tailor Of Panama: The Shirt  


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John Le Carre’s ruthless and corrupted British spy, Andrew Osnard is no James Bond even though he was played by one. Pierce Brosnan loosens-up his sharp 007 tailoring for slouchier cuts and plenty of linen and breathable cotton in the movie adaptation of The Tailor of Panama. Pick a casual shirt such as this one from Marni – let it hang loose and pair with slim-cut khakis. 

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5 | North By Northwest: The Tortoiseshell Frames

The sunglasses worn by Cary Grant in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest is a look that men of every generation have tried to copy ever since the movie came out in 1959. The closest you can get to achieve this look is by picking a light, almost marmalade shade of orange tortoiseshell frames with slightly green tinted lens such as this Persol pair. Getting Grant’s charisma to make it look as cool, however, is another problem.

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6 | Three Days Of The Condor: The Glasses 

Robert Redford plays the bookish CIA codebreaker, Joe Turner in the 1975 political thriller. Steel rimmed glasses have the ability to make you look smarter, and the ones worn by Redford remains a perennial classic in an aviator shape.

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7 | The Day Of The Jackal: The Neckerchief 


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Neckerchiefs may not be the easiest thing to wrap yourself around. The key to acing this look as per professional assassin “The Jackal” (played by Edward Fox) in the 1973 political thriller is getting the material, length, colour and pattern of the cloth right. Don’t forget – it also depends on what you pair it with.  There is, however, a practicality to this look; if someone says you look silly, say it’s to keep your neck warm – especially when the office air-con gets unbearably cold and your annoying colleagues won’t let you fiddle with the temp controls.

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