A Look Into What BOSS Has In Store For A/W 2016

Sharp tailoring with a modern take of sportswear.

BY sarah chong | Aug 12, 2016 | Fashion


With the rise of suits now paired with sneakers (or trainers, whichever you prefer to call it), German luxury fashion house BOSS drops a touch of it into their collection. Fear not of being just another suit-sneaker look, as the BOSS Autumn/Winter 2016 collection brings a smart balance of clean and sharp silhouette, a brand identity of BOSS mixed with a new direction of modern sportswear.  

Brighter colours for the Autumn/Winter season this time makes this collection stand out. Of yellow, rich red and bright blue paired with the classic greys and blacks, each piece is made in Germany where the full canvas suit lacks not expert tailoring techniques, a tribute to prove master craftsmanship.

Of course, we can’t forget the outerwear for the season. The coats of boiled wool with insulating neoprene or eiderdown filling on the perfect quilted jacket has been made much lighter but making sure it still keeps you warm. Using the techniques where by hand, the edges of the cloth are opened up and the two layers folded back and stitched together to construct a garment that is cleanly finished and super light, eliminating the need for a lining.