FRAME Collaborates with Ben Gorham for Their Debut Menswear Collection

Denim, tees and hoodies, all in good shapes.

BY Jaclyn Lim | May 5, 2017 | Fashion

Erik Torstensson

Fasten your seatbelts as FRAME drops their debut menswear collection with perfumer, Ben Gorham. The name doesn’t ring a bell? What about Bryedo, the acclaimed Swedish fragrance brand that everyone is talking about? Mr. Gorham is the name behind Bryedo. Gorham was born in Sweden and has gone through all ways of life until he found his way to art; which led to his actual beginning when he first heard about a French perfumer living in New York.

FRAME’s founders Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson have been consistent in pushing towards the style of feeling edgy with the French way of “dressed up casual”. Their menswear line does not differ.

Denim jackets are usually the go to when you are looking to style yourself up a little fancier but you don’t want to go full up Madonna crazy and mess it all up. Throw on these denim jackets to pull off a comfortable and stylish look while not having to worry too much about your outfit. Plus, if you are lowkey a denim jacket fan (for life?), why not update your closet with all (they have four) the denim jackets from this collection.

Other than the denims, who wouldn’t like to snuggle up in some comfy hoodies whether you’re in for a quick run to the city or to just stay in to watch Netflix. Either way, you can do it in style. Convinced that you’re on #TEAM ‘shouldn’t be seen in a hoodie when you’re out’? Just slip in to one of the white printed tee from the collection and literally, let the shirt do the talking. Want something louder? Lookout for the Vaquero shirts, Gaucho Kimono, Redeo leather vest, and some straight cut jeans to match them up. Nothing feels better than looking stylish without having to put in way too much effort.

See the full collection on FRAME’s site here or on Mr Porter.