Dior Homme Teams Up With Sennheiser For A "Most Sensual Audio Edition"

The look of your headphones, should be as good as the sound that comes out of it.

BY Eugene Lim | Jun 14, 2017 | Fashion

Image by Dior Homme

This is a confession: I've never realised the import of the role of audio in providing an immersive experience until I produced a short film for Esquire Singapore. 

It was during the audio mixing session, where we sat down with a sound engineer, and I learned, first hand, of the complexities of attaining good sound; to plumb the depths in giving quality to the audio so much so that it complements the visuals of the film.

After four hours of tinkering and remixing, the audio engineer took out two tiny cardboard boxed speakers. These were the bare minimum of sound tech. He turned to us, and said, "now, we will re-watch the film again, and this time, we'd experience it as most of the world would before making some final adjustment based on what we hear."

Okay, that may be an overstatement; the world does not listen through a pair of speakers housed in a flimsy cardboard box, but if you want to elevate your auditory experience, Dior Homme latest collab with audiomeister, Sennheiser, is here to sort you out.

The amalgamation of German engineering par excellence with French luxury house craftsmanship resulted in a collection that will gain favour from fans from the auditory and visual fields; here is a pair of headphones that look as good as they sound. The finishes on the collection are black with an anthracite design and red detailing, a signature of Kris Van Assche.

The collection consists of four pieces that caters to four settings:

1) Home
The most complete of all offerings, the Home Solution comes in a specially designed drawer. The black exterior has brushed metal, while within is lined with calfskin leather padding. Cocooned are the HD 800 S headphones, HDVD 800 amplifier, PXC 550 wireless noise-cancelling travel headphones and the 800 ear-canal headphones.

2) Travel
Perfect for the man on the go, the Travel Solution has a noise-cancelling PXC 550 wireless headphones housed within a beautifully crafted leather backpack.

3) Daily
Similar to the Travel Solution, but the PXC550 wireless headphones comes with a soft black and leather clutch case.

4) Pocket
For those who'd prefer a sleeker and more portable option: the Pocket Solution is an IE 800 ear-canal headphones and comes in its own black and red leather pouch.