Dior Homme Taps Larry Clark In Their Latest 2017 Spring Collection Sneaker Video

Dior Homme presents 'A Larry Clark Project / Paris Session'.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Nov 7, 2016 | Fashion

In a unique clash of brutalism and traditionalism with contrasting environments, Dior Homme channels their latest sneaker collection by enlisting the services of cult film director Larry Clark (Kids, Another Day in Paradise, Bully) to shoot a short film. 

Invoking the feelings of rebellion and youthful blithe, the film follows a group of young men traversing through the streets of Paris with a bunch of skaters encircling them. The film captures perfectly the cities clashing ideologies with the youths in a mix of Dior Homme's sneakers and Spring 2017 collection with each skater's own authentic uniform.