David Beckham picks out his faves from H&M's Modern Essentials (so you don't have to)

You know you’re in style when Lisbon dresses like you.

BY Janie Cai | Feb 15, 2016 | Fashion

“I always have the best time shooting H&M campaigns. They really understand my style and my sense of humour.” says David Beckham.

Victoria might be the designer in the family but David Beckham’s certainly hit his stride as a bona fide style icon. His collaborations with H&M have been going strong, ever since his Bodywear range with the Swedish high street fashion label launched in 2012. This year, he continues his collaboration with the Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham range, which sees him selecting his favourite pieces from the Modern Essentials menswear collection at H&M and creating a wardrobe of updated staples and new classics that men can rely on throughout the whole season.

In a nutshell, Beckham basically takes the fuss out of picking and choosing and curates a solid, stylish wardrobe for any guy. So if you think that having this ex-footballer as a personal shopper is something you’d be quite keen on but can’t afford, then this H&M collection is just the ticket.  

So where does a city full of Swedish Beckham clothing clones come in? Well, it stands to reason that good style transcends, so be it skateboarding kids, a baby, a grandma, or really, everyone in the city—everyone looks spiffy. This is the second time Beckham has worked with director Fredrik Bond, taking on the theme of their last commercial where comedian Kevin Hart dressed exactly like the ex-footballer (if you haven’t yet seen it, go check it out—watching Hart annoying the hell out of Beckham is pretty damn funny). So whatever your dressing dilemma, be safe in the knowledge that Becks has got all your backs.

The Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham collection will hit all H&M stores in Singapore in two drops—25 February and 17 March.