Exclusive: 5 Questions with Vincent Siow from CMDI Bespoke

We speak to the Malaysian designer who showed at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kuala Lumpur.

BY IAN LOH | May 18, 2018 | Fashion

At the recent (inaugaral) Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kuala Lumpur, local menswear label CMDI presented their first ever bespoke line. In the exclusive interview, founder of CMDI Vincent Siow reveals to us the transtition of the brand from RTW to bespoke. 

1. Congrats on the show! What made you decide to join Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week KL?

Mercedes-Benz fashion week is held in major fashion capitals around the world. Being the first MBFW in the region marks a new focus and new ambition towards supporting creative talent outwardly from Malaysia as well as inwardly from the region to Kuala Lumpur. I feel that this aligns with CMDI Bespoke’s strategy and target market.

2. Tell us more about this collection. What is the inspiration?

The inspiration for this collection started from Shakespeare’s Adonis and Venus. The story of unrequited love and narcissism is relevant concepts that I think it is even more evident in today’s society. Putting the poem into context of time, the roles are reversed where Venus a woman was the suitor, the obsessed, and that embodiment of fiery desire. I was also inspired by the artist Elise Ansel, using art history as her blueprint, The study of Adonis and Venus was approached through abstraction of colour relationships and representational properties.

3. Talk us through the designs and silhouettes. 

With Adonis as the main protagonist, I designed the collection with a sharp and tailored silhouette in mind. The collection starts off with a pencil sketch of Adonis and Venus. Mirroring the ideology of Elise Ansel, the collection gradually moves towards an abstraction of colour and smudging subjects and structures to give way to improvisational freedom. 

4. What is CMDI bespoke about?

CMDI bespoke’s central focus is being individualistic yet rooted in tradition. We want to have a new approach to tailoring where it extends beyond suits and tux.

5. Why did you decide to transform your business from RTW to bepsoke?

The modern gentleman has a different view on fashion and what they want to put on everyday, they are no longer bound by the formalities of attire. Which is where CMDI bespoke comes in, we bespoke everything from shorts, jeans, swimwear, etc. We can even bespoke an individual print.