Ask Ian: What To Wear To An Outdoor Wedding?

No flip-flops please.

BY IAN LOH | Jul 14, 2016 | Fashion

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Question from JY:

“What do I wear to an outdoor wedding? I want to look good but I don’t want to sweat my pits.”

Ian's answer:

First things first, where’s this outdoor wedding going to be? By the beach? In a garden? Or a zoo? (No joke, I’ve been to one.)

I’ve recently been to a wedding at a pool villa. The vibe was casual; so casual that someone decided to wear shorts and his Liverpool jersey to the wedding. Guys, can I remind you that the only time you should be seen in a football jersey is when you’re actually playing football?

Back to my point, an outdoor wedding is a tough one to tackle, given our tropical climate. So, it's important to keep cool. If it’s a garden-esque wedding; go for a lightweight, mid-blue, cotton linen suit and pair it with a cotton shirt or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, wear a micro-printed shirt—so long there are not floral prints (you don’t want to be matchy-matchy with the setting). Opt for leather loafers because there are less formal yet still look super cool. And don’t forget the most important accessory: insect repellent.

As for an island or beach wedding, your best bet is a beige/cream or light coloured, linen blend suit. Contrast it with a darker shirt or if you're on holidays, simply wear it with a vacation shirt in bold prints. A pair of slip-ons will complete that ultimate island wedding outfit which helps you to move swiftly from the ceremony to the bar.

Since we’re on the topic of wedding outfits, recently at another wedding dinner in a 5-star hotel, I've spotted a few guys in t-shirt and jeans. Come on guys, if women can spend hours doing hair and make up and put on a floor-length gown, can’t we try to at least make a little bit more effort by putting on a shirt? Is that too much to ask for?

Always remember: no flip-flops.

Silk linen wool light brown suit by Suitsupply

Camp-collar printed cotton-poplin shirt by Maison Kitsune, mrporter

Linen effect espradilles by Tod's, farfetch

Stretch-cotton suit by Caruso; linen shirt by Brunello Cucinelli, mrporter