Ask Ian: How To Pull Off The Athleisure Look?

Fashion editor Ian Loh explains the current biggest trend in menswear.

BY IAN LOH | May 5, 2016 | Fashion

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Question from Ee Laine:

How do I get my husband, who is in the fitness industry, to wear something other than sports tees and 3-quarter length pants?

Ian's answer:

When it comes to fashion, men are perhaps less adventurous than women (sorry, guys). The key to get a man to wear something new is to try something that’s not too outrageous.

So, the sensible step is to buy him clothes that are practical and close to his usual style. There’s no point getting him into a handsome suit and leather brogue shoes if he is going to be in the gym all day, right?

And just because he is in the fitness industry, that doesn’t mean he cannot be stylish. In fact, ‘athleisure’ is all the rage now. There isn’t a better time to wear "casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use" and still look as stylish as ever.

As a dutiful wife, first, you need to throw away all his 3-quarter length pants—because no man should ever be seen in them. Then, get him a pair of slim-fit jogger trousers; opt for cotton, jersey or polyester mix fabrics in heavy knit or lighter weight, but make sure there is a stretchable, looser fit around the crotch and thighs, and taper through the legs. A good place to start is Uniqlo, Ami and J. Crew.

Pair it with a clean crisp shirt, or a cotton tee with a lightweight jacket, or switch it up with a bomber jacket—the part workout, part lounge, part sharp, part easy-as-hell attire will keep him feeling and looking good in and out of the gym.

All sweatpants from Uniqlo.

I’m sure he is used to wearing sneakers. Then again, you don’t want him to wear the same pair of dirty gym shoes every day. Get him to put on a pair of high-top sneakers or even just a pair of Converse on date nights. I am no relationship expert, but I am pretty sure the ‘athleisure’ look will spice up your relationship.