Versace's Latest Collab Is The Stuff Of Opulent Streetwear Dreams

The Italian juggernaut teams up with Kith

BY MURRAY CLARK | Feb 8, 2019 | Fashion


As the latest luxury convert to the altar of streetwear, Versace has announced a collaboration with US outfit Kith. Cue queues, both of the IRL and www dot variety.

Boasting a comprehensive line of outerwear, formalwear and of course, plenty of sportswear, the collection has seen the first ever redesign of Gianni Versace's iconic Medusa crest, with the Kith logo emblazoned across her eyes. No steely stone-making glares here.

Versace x Kith

Instead, the apparel was created by Ronnie Fieg's design team at Kith, and Versace handled the fabrications. So you can expect all of the usual cornerstones of good and proper US streetwear (chunky silhouettes, branded hardware and sports-led design), but with the Italian, touchy-feely excess that made Versace a household name.

The hook-up extends down south, too. A nineties archival trainer - the Amico - has been revived with a low-top design available in five different designs: two leather mid-tops, one pony hair mid-top and two leather low-tops.

Versace x Kith

That means there's a lot of Italo-American finery to be enjoyed - and shopped. The current appetite for designer streetwear is by no means satiated, and Versace x Kith can be expected to sell-out when the line goes live.

Join the queue on Feb 15 online at, and in-store.


From: Esquire UK