Brighton Rocks

Uniqlo X JW Anderson is just beachy.

BY Editors | Feb 1, 2018 | Fashion

Stylish swappable beach wear, in case of wardrobe malfunction.


Gangway! Uniqlo’s scoop partnership with the now fully-realised design prodigy Jonathan Anderson continues, with the second collection landing online and in shops soon.

The collab is meant to be a symbiosis of the Japanese brand’s fit and functionality and the JW Anderson brand’s new British classic aesthetic. The 2018 spring/summer line is said to be inspired by Brighton Beach, a cultural icon steeped in the 1950s. Designer Anderson’s remake of the beginnings of cool, kitschy Britannia has produced a range that can be layered to suit your individual style, man or woman. It's elegantly done against the zeitgeist of ongoing gender wars and proliferation of identity labels. So, yes, wear (or unwear) whatever you like.   

“I’m looking for this idea of ‘British Summer,’” says Anderson in the press release, “the idea of being on the Brighton beach. Something which is very lightweight, very airy, with a lot of linen, and cotton that has a 1950s subcultural movement. With a little bit of ease and something which is quintessential.” 

As a customer himself, he’s mindful of the brand’s meticulous quality. “I’m very proud of the level of execution and the attention to details that we delivered on this new spring/summer collection.”

Yuki Katsuta, Uniqlo’s head designer, puts it like this: simplicity, quality and longevity will always be stylish. Is Katsuta-san chanelling Yves?

The collection includes striped tees, “knit polos reminiscent of beachwear” and seersucker bomber jackets. Seagull celebrate the nostalgia of the British seaside. The collection also references the demotic style of the 1950s Brighton man in the denim jackets and tunic shirts (inspired by traditional British police uniforms).

Colours are key for an authentic beachy summer, hence the collection’s “soft colours with a touch of sunburn, true blue, poppy red, white and beige, and sage green” accented with JW Anderson’s signature plaid bright yellow and blue, inspired by… the must-have picnic basket.

Being part of Uniqlo’s LifeWear, fabrics are extra-fine-cotton linen and a selection of items made from renowned Japanese Kaihara denim. Other fabrics used are typically Uniqlo, being treated to resist wrinkles and dry fast.

Water? Dive in already.


The 2018 spring/summer Uniqlo and JW Anderson collection for men and women will be available in stages at Uniqlo stores around the world and from Friday, April 20.