Levi's Proves That 90's-Style Denim Is Alive and Well

The brand's Engineered Jeans are back 20 years after they were first issued.

BY Sanjeeva Suresh | Mar 5, 2019 | Fashion

Levi's Malaysia

It's hard to think of denim without immediately going to Levi's. The company built a whole brand on reworking clothing that was intended to be worn at the job sites of lumberjacks and railroad workers. Cut to about a century later and you can hardly go 30 seconds down the street without seeing someone in a pair of jeans. Levi’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection celebrates their special edition Levi’s Engineered Jeans (LEJ). The launch comes two decades after the jeans were first seen on Japanese icon Takuya Kimura in their 1999 campaign. This time round, Takuya returns to front campaign alongside Chinese musician Leah Dou.

The collection no doubt has elements of late a 90’s fit (clearly seen in the LEJ Reissue Trucker) but includes some modern twists. Take a closer look at the LEJ’s men’s jeans and you’ll see they now come with a back-dart yoke for an ease of movement. Using 3D construction, the side seams are twisted towards the inside of a pant leg – something that’s not typically seen on a normal pair of jeans – which allows more movement to the wearer. These are the world’s first 3D constructed jeans and use technology only previously seen in the making of sneakers. These characteristic changes have apparently made the engineered jeans not the smoothest to fold. So, for easy storage they come with a hanger loop.

Image from Levi's Malaysia

Never before has layering denim on denim looked quite as good (excluding when Britney and Justin imfamously did it at the 2001 American Music Awards). Priced at RM359, you can choose a fit of regular, baggy or tapered denim depending on how you want to style your look. Word of advice: do not to wash it too often as Levi’s denim works by adjusting to the body after every wear. The collection is out in stores now.