H&M Edition Is The Brand's Latest Premium Line For Men

Exclusive: H&M Menswear Head of Design, Andreas Löwenstam on how to find the perfect staple pieces for your wardrobe.

BY IAN LOH | Oct 5, 2017 | Fashion

ESQUIRE: Tell us more about the idea of “Edition” range.

ANDREAS LÖWENSTAM: H&M Edition has a fresh, elevated approach which offers the perfect staple pieces for men. We have focused a lot on timeless pieces for the way men dress today, resulting in the perfect casual wardrobe. Every step in the design process for this collection has been with a focus on total perfection. We are almost obsessive about finding the best fabrics, the perfect cut and the very best fit for this collection, offering garments that you can wear season after season.


ESQ: How does the line differ from the other H&M premium range like the 'Studio'?

AL: For this collection our main focus was to elevate the staples that men want to wear right now. The collection is all about the exact fit of a crewneck sweater, the right padding for a bomber jacket, or the selvedge denim used for a pair of jeans. With H&M Studio we are offering more statement pieces and with H&M Edition we wanted to focus more on the timeless pieces.

ESQ: What are some of the key fabrics in this collection?

AL: When we thought about the collection we wanted to use the finest fabrics. That resulted in a collection that consists of everything from 100 % soft cashmere to supima cotton/silk jersey, raw silk to lightweight wools.

ESQ: Tell us your design process.

AL: As a team consisting of buyers, pattern makers and designers we always start with the concept of the collection where we look at trends, fabrics and materials. When it came to the design of H&M Edition, each garment has been newly considered with every cut and stitch to create a signature look which will continue to evolve through the seasons ahead. Street style for us is very important when it comes to inspiration, and it’s a great way for us to see how the modern man dresses. For us it was important that the H&M Edition would be a look that goes beyond fashion.

ESQ: What is your design background?

AL: I started out as a design assistant in Stockholm, working my way towards becoming Head of Design for different brands abroad before I started as a designer for H&M L.O.G.G Sport Man. After that I worked as a Concept Designer at H&M Man, then a Division Designer for H&M before I became Head of Design for menswear. For me I think hard work, passion and a genuine interest is the best education you can get.

ESQ: What are some of your personal favorite items from this collection?

AL: The pima cotton shirts are a really nice, with pearl buttons and a modern cut of collar that sits just as it should. The wool slacks are also a favorite of mine since they add a tailored twist. To finish the look I would go for either a leather lace-up shoe or a tonal sneaker in 100 % suede.

ESQ: What do you think are the essential items every modern man should own?

I would say that the some essential pieces every man should own are the re-worked parka, the zip-up leather jacket, the perfectly cut 5-pocket jeans and the wool coat in cashmere. These pieces are really classic ones that you can wear season after season.

ESQ: What do you enjoy the most about your job?

AL: What I love most about my job is the teamwork. For me it´s important that we as a team have a lot of fun together creating ideas and continuing evolving fashion. I´m so happy to be able to work with something that is a passion of mine.

ESQ: Ultimately, who is a H&M Edition man?

AL: I would say that the typical H&M Edition customer is the modern man interested in dressing good, and someone that are looking for the classical pieces with something extra. That´s why we have focused a lot fabrics, and on details like cut and fit to create that extra.

H&M Edition is available at selected H&M stores and from 19 October onwards.