Ask Ian: Are Baggy Trousers Out?

Esquire Malaysia's fashion editor explains how the baggy pants trend has made a comeback.

BY IAN LOH | Apr 21, 2016 | Fashion

From left: Giorgio Armani, Berluti and Tiger of Sweden SS16 collections. Photographs by Agata Pec.

Question, K. R.

What should I be looking for when buying trousers? I want to be comfortable and I carry a lot in my pockets. Is baggy out?

Ian's answer:

Quite the opposite. In fact, baggy trousers are IN.


You see, fashion is a peculiar industry which repeats itself every now and then. Right now, the '90s are back in. This season in particular, a vast majority of designers are showing more loosened-up shapes and silhouettes. So, unless you belong to a certain teenage boy band or you’re a serious Slimane’s devotee, it’s time to swap those skinnies for a relaxed fit and let your balls breathe a little.   

The key to buying baggy trousers (as with any trousers) is the fit. Make sure there’s a defined nip at the waist, and ‘sagging’ is a total no-no, even if you’re a hip-hop artist.

Don't go 'sagging' like Bieber (image source:

Although you want to be comfortable, the trousers shouldn’t be too wide and sit just on top of your shoes. Fabrics are important; go for lightweight cotton or slightly heavy jersey, because you don't want to look like you’re wearing pyjamas too.

Another important note is to keep things fitted up top. Wear your baggy trousers with slim fitting tops to create an easy-going but still put-together look. As for pockets, can I suggest you carry a bag?