Ask Ian: How To Be Stylish For Long Haul-Flights

You don't have to ditch style when you go on a long haul flight.

BY IAN LOH | Jun 16, 2016 | Fashion

Jason Statham shows us how to elevate the airport style

Question from Carter:

I want to be comfortable when I am on a long-haul flight but I also want to look good at the airport. What should I wear?

Ian's answer:

I once travelled to Europe on a 15-hour flight, wearing my travel staples - sweatpants, jumper and baseball cap.

While disembarking, I spotted a lady next to me wearing áo dà - a traditional Vietnamese outfit - complete with a full make up and a hairdo that can rival our first lady’s. Her hair was so intact as if she just walked out of a saloon (with plenty of hairspray, no less) and ready to shop for a new Hermès Birkin bag.

I left with disbelief. I mean, the only way she could have looked that way was to sit still on the flight the entire time, right?

My point is, planes are uncomfortable enough as is, who wants to spend their entire journey up in the air in a tux and bow tie or áo dà with big hair?

For most of us, when it comes to travel, our outfits tend to lean towards casual - or, well, sloppy. But really, being comfortable doesn’t mean you need to forgo everything nice in your luggage.

Take cues from these guys (Hi Tom, on your way to meet Taylor?). They skipped the usual grey sweats but still look cool as they are laid back and casual. Pairing t-shirt with lightweight coat (or in Beckham’s case, a flannel shirt) while carrying the most important airport accessories: a beautiful leather duffle bag or a functional backpack.

Remember, you want to be cozy enough to kick back once on board and catch some sleep yet not to be mistaken as a hobo by the immigration officers. Because hobo chic is not a thing.