9 Style Trends From The '90s We Hope Never Make A Comeback

Men's style is on a 90s kick at the momentóbut let's hope it doesn't go too far.

BY Finlay Renwick | Apr 21, 2016 | Fashion


With all the rose-tinted nostalgia that wafts from the runways every season (so much sportswear), it's easy to forget that the '90s weremore or lessan atrocious, double denim-clad 10-year ink blot on the pages of fashion history.

Now that Tommy Hilfiger is the latest '90s stalwart to delve back into the decade, we thought it was about time to jump in ourselves and count down the items and trends with (hopefully) less chance of a comeback than Mr Blobby.

1 | Cargo trousers

The trouser de rigueur of the boyband, cargos were chiefly characterised by an bewildering array of pocketsso many pockets, it might drive a man mad to think about them too much.

They were most often paired with combat boots, a tank top and the unmistakable gaze of someone heading for impending bankruptcy.

2 | Barbed wire tattoos

Tattoos are a polarising subject at the best of times, but I think we can all agree that a wonky barbed wire etching snaked around some faded bro's bicep is one of the most tragic and unimaginative reminders of '90s vanity.