4 Unlined Jackets To Beat The Heat

The weather is no longer a valid excuse not to suit up.

BY EUGENE LIM | May 24, 2016 | Fashion


Think boarding the MRT during the morning rush hour was bad? You ain’t seen anything yet. During my recent trip to Tokyo, I had the opportunity to experience what it must be like to be cramped into a metal container with a hundred other men. The first thought was, I guess this how my life ends. Second one was, Damn, everyone is suited up and not sweaty. 

This brings us to the point of this whole story: unlined jackets. They are the secret to keeping it smart and looking fresh in the oh-so miserable heat. Here are 4 of our favourites:

1 | Tommy Hilfiger Cotton Jacket

Your first suit should be navy, so it makes sense that we are kick off the unlined edition the same way. While it might look exactly like the lined version you already have, the lack of sweaty patches on your shirt when you decide to take off the jacket, makes a world of difference.

2 | Beams Plus Seersucker Jacket

Drawing inspiration from the men of Japan, it would be wrong not to include a jacket from BEAMS. The combination of the unlined construction with the seersucker fabric makes it a great option for summer, or in our case, everyday wear. While it might not be formal enough to work, it’s perfect for the men who enjoy wearing jackets, just for the hell of it.

3 | Tod’s Denim Double Breasted Jacket

While Nish of Suitsupply wouldn’t advice wearing a double breasted jacket in our climate, if are a fan of the look, then opt for this number in denim from Tod’s S/S16 collection. Works with either a T-shirt or shirt, just remember not to go full Canadian Tuxedo and pair it with denim jeans.

4 | Burberry Wool and Technical Fabric Jacket

There is an argument to be made for the lined version of the jacket–better structure, less costly and the lining also serves to adsorb some of the sweat, giving you more wears before a visit to the dry cleaners.

This Burberry number manages to push the boundaries of what an unlined jacket can do. Made of wool, to give the jacket structure and making it less prone to creases, and the good folks of Burberry have taken full advantage of the lack of lining, fusing the inner side with a thin layer of waterproof technical fabric, making it a reversible patch pocket jacket, perfect for those unpredictable afternoon showers.