Vintage 1926: A Classic Year for Contemporary Man

Montblanc's gorgeous new leather collection is in the great Tuscan tradition and for the urban nomad

BY Editors | Dec 24, 2017 | Advertorial

For the urban nomad, travel is discovery of places near and far. The 1926 Montblanc Heritage is a new original collection of leather pieces created for the stylish and inspired traveller, like the acclaimed actor Lawrence Wong. A far distant place, a brief trip from one meeting to the next, a relaxed excursion across town; each 1926 Montblanc Heritage piece epitomises versatility, adapting to his life and work.



The year 1926 is when Montblanc ventured into the world of fine leather craftsmanship. For the first time, Montblanc has made an entire collection in vegetable-tanned leather in the great Tuscan tradition, imbuing each piece with its rich, dark-brown patina and well-worn charm.

The bright-red, printed lining that contrasts with the leather exterior is inspired by the vibrant fabrics worn by the regal Maasai tribe. Montblanc thoughtfully offers customers an embossing service, with initials of up to four letters in gold, silver or blind, on the leather. 

With the passing of time, the vintage-look of each piece evolves naturally to become truly personalised to the life of Lawrence; a priceless object of record recalling memories of his journey thus far.