The World's First Sunglasses Made From Whisky Barrels

Now you can put on a pair sunglasses made of twice-used Glenmorangie oak wood casks.

BY IAN LOH | Mar 9, 2016 | Accessories

Any avid Esquire reader would know that we love our Scotch whiskies. So much so if we can wear them, we would. Glenmorangie has recently teamed up with Finlay & Co. to introduce world’s first Scotch whisky sunglassesmade from oak wood from casks only ever used twice to age Glenmorangie Original for ten years.

The British eyewear manufacturer, which specializes in wooden-framed sunglasses, takes 16 steps to handcraft each pair of glasses. Each pair is designed to display its unique grain and natural finish, and is numbered. There are only 1843 pairs around, each cost a sobering USD427.

Now, what’s next? We certainly don’t mind a full wardrobe (made) of whisky.