Longchamp: A Family Accomplishment

Celebrating 70 years of innovation and excellent craftsmanship.

BY JAYME TEOH | Sep 12, 2018 | Accessories

A stallion with a full stride: the Longchamp emblem. It is a symbol that the House has never strayed from. One of Philippe Cassegrain’s early, innovative acts at the helm of Longchamp came in the ‘70s, when he introduced the Le Pliage bag. It established the iconic style of the House that is now recognized worldwide, and it doesn’t just stop there. Every season, the epochal fashion piece is revamped, ensuring the brand stays perpetually relevant to changing times.

Longchamp's founder Jean Cassegrain. 

The values in which the Longchamp brand was built upon have always been heavily emphasized, and this doesn’t stop short at Philippe Cassegrain’s work. His three children are continuing the legacy that their grandfather founded. The brand has come a long way, from the humble beginnings of a Paris tobacco shop turned accessories business. Who could ever forget the sophisticated Longchamp pipes? It was just the beginning of a fashion adventure that became a symbol of French elegance.

Longchamp first started making smoking accesories in leather.

For as long as Jean Cassegrain can remember, the Longchamp brand has been fiercely independent in mind and taste. It stays true to its origin but is dedicated to a timeless movement – one that is destined to be passed on. Travel and the experience with different cultures have shaped the brand into what it is today – forward-looking with a subtle chicness. A small dream that started in a small building at boulevard Poissonniére has now become a global empire.

The Cassegrain Family.

As we celebrate the past, we also look towards the future – one that is filled with even more excitement and creativity. With stores in over a hundred countries, and employing more than 3,000 people worldwide, Jean Cassegrain remains committed to the vision of the founder of the House: elegant luxury, designed with continuously renewed craftsmanship and constant anticipation. The Longchamp dynasty continues to grow while remaining true to its roots of excellence.