It's Time to Fill Your Whole House with Gucci Decor

From your closet to your furniture, Gucci is taking over.

BY Eva Zenteno | Jul 14, 2017 | Accessories

Illustrations courtesy of Alex Merry

The decorative pieces we’ve been waiting for, without even knowing it, have finally arrived. Gucci Décor. Did we know that we needed a throw pillow embroidered with a snake, or one with a jaguar wearing a diamond collar to accent our couch? Probably not. But when we think about it, that's exactly what was missing in our house. Always one to churn out brilliant ideas, Gucci introduces their take on contemporary and eccentric décor with a wide variety of objects.

All patterns and designs used are revivals from past Gucci fashion collections (that snake, that tiger, dazzling colors, uncommon motifs, Gucci-certified.) From decorative trays to artful folding screens, this romantic and modern collection was geared to be customisable so you can mix and match pieces to give your house its own unique look.

Gucci Décor will be launched from September in Gucci flagship stores and online.