Not Your Average Speedboat

Its time for you to get on that luxury speedboat life.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Jul 6, 2016 | News


Supercars and high rise condos are no longer the prime flexing items of the rich and powerful as these are now more of a norm for the higher echelons of the social and economical strata. The new way to say, "My bank account will outlast your entire generation," is by way of owning a speedboat. No, not just any speedboat, but luxury speedboats such as Riva's latest Rivamare speedboat. 

Designed by one of the company's partners, Officina Italiana Design, the speedboat sports dual Volvo Penta D6 400 engines which pushes a top speed of 40 knots while maintaining a cruising speed of 31 knots. In boat language that means really fast

The 39-ft speedboat is crafted to have a sleek and sporty silhoutte while retaining Riva's signature high-class aesthetic. Its handcrafted mahogany panelling across the front of boat which acts as your beach sits ahead of a fighter jet-like windscreen comprised of five double curved crystal class sections set in a stainless steel frame. 

Built for two, the inside of the boat comes with a living area that converts into a double bed, kitchen and bathroom complete with a shower. True to the luxe life, a price is not quoted for the boat and its one of those things that you'll have to ask if you want one. Check out the promo video below and hit up their website for more info.