LeSee Is China's Answer To Tesla

The Chinese enter the electric car market. Kind of.

BY sam mclean | Apr 27, 2016 | News

Like the planet, the market for electric cars is hotting up. Following announcements of a new, cheaper Tesla, Chinese carmaker LeEco has announced its own green machine in the shape of the LeSee. And a fine job they have done, too.

On the outside, it has beautiful flowing lines that would not look out of place on a model from a more well-known manufacturer. On the inside, it is full of bells and whistles (as you’d expect in a concept car), including a steering wheel that withdraws into the dashboard to give extra cabin room when the vehicle is in autonomous mode. And those backseats that look vaguely reminiscent of a rice terrace? Yep, it doesn’t look comfortable but it is actually made of memory foam, suggesting your backseat passengers will be nicely cosseted.

While it is still only a concept, the links to Faraday Future and luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin might mean that this is one concept car that might see the light of day. We can but hope.