BMW Unveils Its Vision For The Future With Vision Next 100

Glimpse into automotive future and design with BMW's concept car, the Vision Next 100.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Mar 9, 2016 | News


Celebrating their 100th birthday this year, German automakers BMW unveiled their concept car for the future aptly named the Vision Next 100.

Featuring a very futuristic and streamlined design that takes cues from Tron or I,Robot, the Vision Next 100 not only looks futuristic, it sports features that are rather impressive as well.

For starters, the car is fitted with an augmented reality display windshield and a feature called Companion which acts as the vehicle's brain learning about its owner and his/her pattern, allowing it to "perform routine tasks" and "offer advice" as time progresses. 

The car also features two driving modes, dubbed boost and ease. For the boost mode function, the driver has control of the car with Companion being deployed as well as a 360-degree radar and the augmented reality display which warns the driver of obstacles. Think driving/racing a futuristic video game race car. There you have it. 

The ease mode however, as the name implies, allows the driver to just sit back, relax and allow the AI within the car drive. Not scary at all...

Encompassing BMW's vision for a luxurious, self driving, emission free sports car, the Vision Next 100 looks like a step in the right direction for the car manufacturer. 

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