A Day In The Life Of GP3 Driver Akash Nandy

We speak to the rising Malaysian racing star on his daily routine and balancing his driver/law student roles.

BY Tania Jayatilaka | Oct 1, 2016 | Feature

In the weeks leading up to the Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix GP2 and GP3 races this weekend, GP3 driver Akash Neil Nandy’s days are packed and move at top speed ever since the GP3 series kicked off in May at Barcelona.

For 19-year-old GTAm-class Asia Le Mans 2016 champion who signed on to drive for Swiss team Jenzer Motorsport early this year, it's a dream come true to be a part of a team he’s wanted to work with since 2014.

“I actually had plans to do something else this year. I was going to race in Japan and do some GT racing as well but when I found out that Sepang was planning to bring GP2 and GP3 races to Malaysia and they had contacted me to join the races, I went for it,” says Akash.

Everything after that happened in light speed. The contract was drawn up (which he had to do himself) and within a week he was with Jenzer Motorsport. 

"I was coming to this side and they [Jenzer Motorsport] were doing GP3; it was finally time to work with someone I felt good about.”

In the last six years, Akash has bagged various awards in both Asian and European championships with outstanding performance in races even though he had just started his full-time law studies in London.

So, we figured for a kid to achieve such success at a young age, he’s sure to have an ultra strict, Spartan-like daily routine to help his recent success, right?

“It used to be quite disciplined earlier on, maybe 2 to 3 years ago; but now I only know what I’m doing the next day the end of the day before, so I plan it that way,” says Akash.

For GP3 driver and law-student, it's broken down to two types of days, circuit days and class days.

Circuit test days:

6AM: Wake up and get ready.

7AM: Leave hotel for circuit.

7.30-8.30AM: Sit down with engineers and team to prepare for the day.

9AM-12PM: Test session starts.

12-2PM: Lunch break.

2-5PM: Test session continues. 

"We have a whole day of testing broken into two parts. So we get close to 100 or more laps a day."

5-6PM: Review data on the day's test sessions.

7PM: Back at the hotel to relax, watch a movie or listen to music.

“Depending on how I feel at the end of the day, I sometimes run back to the hotel at the end of sessions.”

10PM: Off to bed.

School days:

6AM: Wake up and workout at the gym

7AM: Shower and have breakfast.

8.30AM-4.30PM: Classes

5-6PM: Nap and workout (swimming, running or cycling). Occasional errands to run.

7PM: Dinner with family and relax.

10PM: Off to bed. 


Akash and his Jenzer Motorsport teammates will be driving at the Sepang International Circuit from September 30 to October 2 for the Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix GP3 series. For more information, visit here.