Introducing The New Mercedes-Benz SL 500

Mercedes looks to the past for its slick new SL.

BY Will Hersey | Mar 22, 2016 | Drives

​Incredibly, the Mercedes SL is now clocking in at 62-years-old. Not quite as old as the dinosaurs but almost prehistoric in car terms. That its classic design has held up for so long says much for how it's evolved—slowly and quietly. And with no meteor strikes.

Since the bubbly original launched back in 1954, it has put subtlety over showiness, though the latest version, which launches this spring, perhaps adds a little more attitude thanks to some reworked air intakes, a more muscular bonnet and a shiny diamond grille that takes its cues from the original SL 300 race car.

There's plenty of future-looking tech here, too, of course—a new electric roof that can be retracted on the move, a nine-speed automatic gearbox and, on this higher-spec SL 500, an extra shot of power that now takes it to 62MpH in
a little over four seconds. Effortlessly, of course.

This is one classic sports car that's showing no signs of extinction.

Mercedes-Benz SL 500

Engine: 4.6-L V8

Power: 455BhP

0-62mph: 155MpH

Price: From RM427,322

From: Esquire UK.