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This Video Of A Woman Becoming A Sex Doll Is... Not Sexy

It's kind of horrifying.

BY Sarah Rense | Nov 14, 2016 | Sex & Relationships

The latest news in the sex doll industry—which is a booming industry, apparently—is that soon, sex dolls will come with functioning genitalia. Nice. Other developments include heated genitals, available soon, and the very first male sex doll, because people who aren't heterosexual men have sexual appetites, too. Still, no matter the technological advances and aesthetic tricks, a sex doll will never be what it is fundamentally supposed to represent: a human.

But a human, it turns out, can be a sex doll.

At least, a human can do an eerily close impersonation of a sex doll, assisted by a designer, a heavy coating of makeup, and gobs of waxy goo. Super Deluxe created this video of a woman transforming herself into a sex doll. It is... unnerving. It is also, subjectively at least, unattractive. Finally, it is an obvious indication how very removed from reality and the actual female body sex dolls are.


From: Esquire US