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Can Cybersex Boost Your Relationship?

Take note: Porn is definitely not cybersex.

BY Thuy Tran | Jun 21, 2018 | Sex & Relationships

It is normally considered that cybersex is one of the relationship-destroying factors. However, the actual benefits that cybersexing can bring to couples are multiple and are able to outweigh many potential dangers. Here's a fact: people who are in romantic relationships are more likely to experience cybersex with their partner than with strangers.


Researchers at the University of New Brunswick found that to different people, cybersex has different definitions and characteristics. Research’s outcome claimed that the proposed definition of cybersex is “a sexual communication between at least two people, focusing on sexual relations and happening via synchronous Internet modes.” With this description, cybersex comes in many forms of online communication such as e-mail or chat rooms, with or without masturbation.

Cybersex can offer people who are socially shy, people who have low self-esteem, and those who are not in any sexual relationships a chance to derive sexual pleasure without being judged. For young people and teenagers, cybersex enables them to experiment their sexual thoughts and emotions.


Some sexologists have said that people can use cybersex as a booster to their relationship. It allows couples in intimate relationships to find the solution of their sexual life problems, especially when those problems are too uncomfortable or embarrass to discuss directly. Cybersex is also a great choice for couples desiring for new experiences.

Intimate couples engaging in cybersex with their partners can achieve greater levels of satisfaction for both their sexual life and their relationship. Moreover, cybersex brings about better sexual communication, higher level of comfort and more frequent offline intimacy. Experts show that having cybersex with a relational partner can improve the stability and happiness needed for a relationship, including honesty, openness, understanding, and empathy.

For people who have chronic disease or sexually transmitted disease such as HIV, cybersex plays an important role as it allows them to enjoy sexual gratification without any negative effects to their partner’s health.


For couples that suffer from geographical distance, cybersex is the most effective means to keep the fire alive. It helps you and your partner to stay connected. Sweet text messages, thoughtful presents and long conversations are nice; however, the undeniable part of any romantic relationship is that sex factor. In this case, cybersex contributes to strengthening the relationship by bringing the two closer to each other. Besides, cybersex helps to avoid any feeling of frustration and provides a good chance to explore a new style of sex.

This article has been republished with permission from Hello Doktor.