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These Are The Biggest Mood Killers During Sex (According To Men And Women)

Just stop it, okay?

BY Editors | Apr 25, 2017 | Sex & Relationships

Should you find yourself lucky enough to be in a compromising position with another human being in bed, it's easy to let your guard down and do something that will limit the chance of it ever happening again.

Sexual taste is a matter of personal preference of course, but it is good to know the absolute clangers that most people are in agreement are a real turn off.

Fortunately Superdrug Online Doctor has compiled a study of the biggest mood killers during sex with 2,000 people surveyed. That's a pretty decisive sample to find out what is a no-no.

The survey asked what people would consider a deal breaker and prompt them to end a sexual relationship, if you're bad with names... look away now.

From: Esquire UK