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Naked Men? Nah, Straight Women Would Rather Look At Other Women Naked

According to this study, anyway​.

BY Olivia Ovenden | Sep 17, 2016 | Sex & Relationships

Recent studies have shown that women are more likely to have a fluid sexuality or identify as "part bisexual" compared to men (and no, this doesn't mean that all your female friends are secretly getting off with each other at their PJ parties. Grow up.)

And new research from Cardiff University has further cemented this idea, finding that most straight women enjoy looking at pictures of other women naked, even as much as looking at pictures of men naked.

57 participants were shown pictures of naked men and women on a screen before being replaced by a dot after a fifth of a second. Researchers then measured how quickly the subjects noticed that the dot had been replaced. The more attention they paid to the naked body on screen, the faster participants noticed they'd disappeared from the screen.

Men in the study consistently noticed the dots faster when the woman left the screen but women paid equal attention to both bodies. Do women have a better attention span or are they in denial about bisexuality? Well, when interviewed after the experiment they female participants claimed they preferred seeing images of men but the psychologists running the study suggest their equal attention span suggests their subconscious thoughts and more fluid sexuality.

There are many factors that might influence this. Women are more used to seeing each others bodies in non-sexual contexts, but also bisexuality is more socially accepted in women. As researcher Elizabeth McClintock, from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, pointed out:

"That 'male eroticisation' of same-sex female relationships allows women to experiment—for instance by kissing other women at parties—without being stigmatised."

Still, probably not wise to start suggesting all your female friends kiss in the name of science.

From: Esquire UK.